Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is the main benefit delivered by Novera to my members or customers ?

We leverage the credit card processing platform and deliver value from what is otherwise an expensive commodity to the end user through our innovative "Flat Fixed Fee" pricing methodology. In addition we provide other solutions to help acceptors drive in new customers and get their best customers coming back more often though the use and adoption of our stored value (gift card) and loyalty rewards programs.

Q. How is Novera’s affinity program different from other credit card affinity programs ?

In addition to superior economics, Novera delivers a “boutique” feel for the end user, allowing Novera to actually deliver the entire suite of offering that a major processing organization has to offer.

Q. What experience does Novera have in the Association and VAR (Value Added Reseller) or ERP (Enterprise Resource Provider) space ?

NPS has a combined 30+ years with its management team on integrating with National Associations VAR’s or major ERP software developers.

Q. How does Novera add value to business owners for what is otherwise considered a tax on their business ?

Our “Flat Fixed Fee” pricing model is like no other in the industry. It’s the ONLY truly transparent and fair pricing. Similar to getting your cable bill every month, we offer (in addition to to card association and processor costs) one simple “Flat Fixed Fee” for our processing services.

Q. Does Novera charge more to my member or customer in order to subsidize the Association or Affinity partner ?

NO, The economic incentive we deliver to our Affinity Partner has no bearing on the extreme value we deliver to their member or customer.

Q. What platform or gateway is Novera and Worldpay compatible with ?

We support all of the major gateways in the marketplace today. In addition if you have a preferred gateway that we currently do not support we can guide you through the certification process so you are compatible.

Q. What other Affinity Partners has Novera worked with ?

We have worked with many ERP developers and National Associations over the years. For more information contact John Wisniewsk, Business Development Agent, at John@NoveraPaymentSolutions.com.

Q. How does the Association benefit financially ?

For every one of your new members or clients that converts to Novera we provide a substantial upfront conversion bonus along with a generous monthly recurring revenue stream.

Q. Do I have to give up my banking relationship to participate in the Novera Merchant Affinity Program ?

You will never change have to change your banking relationship to take advantage of our Affinity program(s).

Q. What is Novera looking for as a fit from an Affinity Partner?

There are certain criteria we look for in a potential partner. Its important for example, for our VAR partner to participate at a certain level by both utilizing and endorsing the program(s). For more information contact John Wisniewsk, Business Development Agent, at John@NoveraPaymentSolutions.com.

Q. Is Novera looking for our customer list ?

NPS will NEVER ask you for your customer list. In addition all communication with your members or clients is approved by you.

Q. Are there any resources that a new Affinity Partner must  commit to the program ?

Other than adoption of our program(s) at some level for the VAR along with promotion, we do all of the work and you and your members benefit substantially.

Q. How does Novera communicate with our members or customers ?

Mainly though electronic medium. To set up a presentation of our marketing plan please contact John Wisniewsk, Business Development Agent, at John@NoveraPaymentSolutions.com.

Q. If I already have a program in place, does Novera require and exclusive contract ?

A. NO. If you have a program in place for credit card processing we welcome the opportunity to run side by side with a “competitor”.  That’s how confident we are in our capabilities and the benefits of our program.

Q. Will my members or customers actually save money ? If so how much ?

A.  Each client or member that inquires gets a personal phone call. We will obtain one of their most recent processing statements and provide a side by side analysis to the client / member within 24 to 48 hours. In most instances for merchants that process over 5k per month, our innovative “Flat Fixed Fee” program will save them money. If we cant we’ll offer to match what they currently have along with a no obligation trial. For many of our high volume customers we’ve been able to save them tens of thousands of dollars per year.

Q. How do I track my success rate of members or customers that convert to Novera ?

A.  Novera provides monthly status reports to all of our Affiliate Partners.

Q. Who is Worldpay?

A. Worldpay (formerly RBSWorldpay) is one of the largest payment processing acquirers in the world. They offer a full suite of payment processing services for all major credit cards, along with award winning 24 x 7 customer service and technical support, located in Atlanta GA.  For more information please visit http://www.noverapaymentsolutions.com/about-worldpay.asp


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In the unlikely event you require support for any of our products and services you can rest assured WorldPay’s 24 / 7 customer support line is their for your convenience. Please have your merchant or terminal number for faster service. 1-800-200-5965 option (3)


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