Emblem Affiliate Program

Improve your bottom line with our Emblem Program

What’s in it for you?

$100 for each new customer that signs up with our service that comes through the Link we place on your Website.

What do you have to do?

Allow Novera Payment Solutions, LLC to place a Link on your website to leverage your site traffic and generate a referral for a merchant account.

What’s in it for your potential referred customer?

  • WorldPay merchant account with our innovative and Flat Fee pricing that can save thousands of dollars per year
    in credit card fees.
  • Additional Tools & Technology to increase efficiency
  • Strategies to help your customers get more customers and more referrals


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Merchant Support

In the unlikely event you require support for any of our products and services you can rest assured WorldPay’s 24 / 7 customer support line is their for your convenience. Please have your merchant or terminal number for faster service. 1-800-200-5965 option (3)


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