ISO & Agent Program Core Services Overview

Merchant Services

  1. At the heart of Novera is a Worldpay merchant account.  Get some straight talk and learn why a merchant account including our “flat fee advantage” can be one of the best business decisions you’ll ever make.

Payment Integration

Integrating payment processing to your application platform has never been easier. Our API will allow you to support every type of transaction you could ask for and we keep you in check for PCI compliance.

Get the Word Out

Our marketing department designs and delivers high quality marketing slicks so you can inform your customers about payment options.



Many levels of reporting exist for your convenience. If your looking for drill down reporting on a specific merchant transaction or high level residual reporting for your agent or reseller business, we have got you covered.

Revenue Sharing

  1. Merchant accounts can generate a significant asset. Let Novera show you how to bring some real value to your customers and generate a significant residual revenue stream along the way.

Total Support

We provide complete support and guidance from merchant account conversion and boarding all the way through 24/7 365 Worldpay customer support.


Main Programs

Enhance their software application functionality with payment processing and create a residual income stream asset.

  1. Novera’s affinity program can deliver one of the best member values any association or GPO can provide. Royalties can also become significant to help generate revenue for the association or GPO.


  1. Novera can provide you with the ability to accept credit card payments online. Our Virtual terminal can allow you to set up recurring payments, one time charges including check or ACH.


If you're a EE or OR we have a program that makes sure your profits really are going to the bottom line. Including our Gift & Loyalty program that can be used to cross brand and promote additional locations.

Looking for a new Processor as a partner?

You have come to the right group, World Expresspay ISO / MSP and Agent program.


Value Delivered to our ISO's and Agents
Product & Service Suite

Worldpay Revenue Enhancing Programs

  • Debit, Credit, Check Service, Gift, Loyalty

  • Interchange Pass Thru Pricing
  • 80% Plus residual sharing
  • 3.5 Cent I.P.
  • 5.0 Cent Dial Up
  • 1.0 Cent High Volume Merchant I.P.

  • 2.0 Cent High Volume Merchant Dial Up
  • Amex OPT Blue Direct Settlement Program
  • Monthly & Quarterly Upfront incentive Dollars

Supported Product Groups

  • Over 1600 Certified VAR/Gateway Options
  • Dedicated ISV Software Vendor Program
  • Integrated POS & Terminal Products
  • Mobile Payments
  • E-Comm

  • Direct API & Gateway Capability
  • Quickbooks Integration


Additional Services & Support

  • No Liability or Risk
  • 24/7 Merchant Support
  • Dedicated ISO/Agent Relationship Team
  • Web Based Order Entry and Tracking
  • Residual Reporting/CRM Portal
  • Inbound Marketing Support & Lead Generation
  • Online Resource and Training Materials
  • Use Your Own Leasing Program
  • Use Your Own Cash Advance Program





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