Merchant Processing Partner Program


Novera Payment Solutions has a strategic relationship with Worldpay; we represent a comprehensive approach for an out-sourced turn-key distribution partnership. Delivering a referral & retention program, professionally branded to integrate with your existing sales team, in your company name and on your behalf.


Our partnership delivers four primary benefits:

  • Recurring income stream
  • Reduced attrition
  • Brand and reputation enhancement through a professional company branded relationship manager
  • Qualified referrals…all at no cost for qualified program participants


Novera was founded to bridge the gap between the capabilities and commitments of large service providers and the reality of what is delivered. Our role is to serve both the Client and the clients customer. Managing and delivering on the expectations of all parties, World Expresspay combines the strength of a major processor Worldpay with the service and reliability of a local partner.


Novera’s management team offers a unique understanding of adding value and improving relationships between our client and their valued customer.

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